Women and Youth Safety and Security


Women and Youth Safety and Security

For Places of Worship

For all faiths across Europe

Places of worship such as churches, synagogues and mosques are uniquely vulnerable to attacks because of their symbolism and their open and accessible nature.

Women and young people in faith communities face specific security challenges. How can women and youth of faith protect themselves in online spaces? How can places of worship be protected so women and youth feel safe there? How can mental well-being of women and youth be promoted?


4 hours+

People trained across Europe

We take a lot of things for granted: the safety of our buildings, entrances […] Many of our pastors and elders in the churches are not aware that there could be [these kinds of] threats […] I was really impressed by the insights into these areas.

Jeroen Tuinstra, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Belgium
It was a very good training. I picked up a lot of good points […] Security is the responsibility of the people behind the place of worship, and we should take this as a top priority
Michèle Buitenrust Hettema, ISKCON Netherlands

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The need for Women and Youth training


30% of women aged 15 years and older have been subjected to physical and/or sexual violence – WHO


42% of the total number of homicides globally each year occur among youth aged 10-29 years old  – WHO

In 2020, a man hit and seriously injured a 26-year-old Jewish Student in front of a Hamburg Synagogue.

According to the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, 44% of Jewish youth (16-34 years old) say they were a victim of antisemitic harassment. This result is 12% higher than their elders. Furthermore, 80% of young Jews do not report cases of harassment, which prevents the victim from receiving the necessary support, and leaves the perpetrator unpunished.


A European Journal of Jewish Studies study indicates that “Jewish men were more likely to experience anti-Semitic incidents”. However, it does not mean that Jewish women are unaffected. It is important to remember that on top of antisemitic incidents, Jewish women also face gender-based discrimination. This argument also applies to other religions as well.

On 28 March 2023, two women WERE killed at Ismaili Muslim centre in Portugal.

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