Women and Youth Safety and Security Training

EFI provides a training focused on women and youth, exploring both online and offline safety, helping to increase knowledge and understanding of potential security threats, and to improve personal and collective security.

Women and young people in faith communities face specific security challenges. How can women and youth of faith protect themselves in online spaces? How can places of worship be protected so women and youth feel safe there? How can mental well-being of women and youth be promoted?

The EFI training seeks to address these questions and challenges. It is designed specifically for women and youth. The main themes covered in the training include:

  • one, potential internal and external security threats women and youth might face, both physical and online in nature;
  • and two, basic concepts of security in places of worship, as well as measures that they personally can take to improve their security. The goal is to equip women and youth worshippers with the practical tools to address security threats and thus to be safer.

The interactive training includes teaching, participant activities and discussions. It can be delivered in one session in places of worship, as well as to women and youth-led religious organizations and groups. Moreover, it can be delivered in-person or online. No prior security experience is needed, and trainings can be conducted for women and youth separately or with the groups combined.

The duration is two hours.

The target audience for these training sessions are:

  • women of all ages and faiths, with supervisory or managerial responsibilities in places of worship
  • youth of all genders and faiths between the ages of 15-29 years.

After the training participants should:

  • have a better understanding of potential security threats, and appropriate prevention and response measures;

feel empowered to improve their personal security with practical solutions that can be adopted immediately.

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