Who We Are

We are a diverse team – in terms of expertise, ethnicity and location. 

On expertise, we cover a broad gamut from management, to capacity building, communication, security and research. As a team we have decades of experience in these areas.

Our staff largely come from ethnic minorities similar to the communities we serve. We believe this gives us a big advantage: unique insights and understanding, as well avenues for engagement with those communities and institutions. 

Our head office is in Dublin, but our team are spread across Europe: in the UK, France, Switzerland and elsewhere. We are flexible and mobile, easily able to work on the ground with our target communities and institutions, as well as other partners.


We are dedicated to ensuring faith-based communities can practise their religion in freedom AND can contribute positively to the societies in which they live.

We do this through:

  • provision of technical assistance
  • strategic guidance
  • training
  • development of resources
  • conduct of research
  • promotion of engagement
  • awareness-raising.


While the focus of our work is at local level – with communities and faith-based institutions – we carry this out as part of a much wider national and global vision. 

Partnership is integral to our approach. We engage with partners at all levels: local, national, regional and international. Our partners include:

  • faith-based communities and institutions
  • local authorities
  • law enforcement
  • civil society groups
  • social media companies
  • national governments
  • multilateral bodies 
  • international organisations. 

We are keen to work with and learn from others AND to share our experience and disseminate our resources and best practices as widely as possible. We also see partnerships as the key to building ownership and ensuring sustainability of positive impacts.


We work across the world. Europe is a major hub of our activities: we are operating in major European countries including France, Germany and Italy. However, we also have projects in North America, Africa, the Middle East and Australia. 

We believe our approach, practices and resources can be widely applied – albeit tailored to each context – and we are keen to disseminate our work. 


“We have worked with EFI for a number of years, our partnership has evolved, their work is one of a kind and are a force for positive change in this field across the world.”