EFI Survey on incidents against places of worship

The ongoing conflict in the Middle East is significantly affecting the security and stability of European communities. Recent incidents, including the arson attack on a synagogue in Berlin and an attempted arson at a mosque in Bochum, Germany, underscore the growing security apprehensions in Europe. Amid this conflict, religious communities in Europe, especially the Jewish [...]

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EFI attends the ‘Security, Democracy and Cities’ 2021 conference in Nice, France

The EFI and SOAR Project team attended the International and interdisciplinary Security, Democracy and Cities 2021 conference in Nice, organized by the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus). From 20-22 October, 2021, 250 European cities and regions gathered together to promote stronger, inclusive and sustainable urban security. Present at the conference were a wide range of urban security [...]

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Brussels SOAR launch event attended by faith leaders from across 5 EU member states

The SOAR (Strengthening the security and resilience of at-risk religious sites and communities) project held a launch and networking event on the 7th of October, 2021, in Brussels. In attendance were various faith leaders, faith institution management, volunteers, law enforcement collaborators and EU representatives. The SOAR project’s consortium partners- led by Enhancing Faith Institutions (EFI), [...]

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SOAR Project – Overview of Programme & Vision

The consortium partners are excited to announce the start of the ‘Strengthening the security and resilience of at-risk religious sites and communities’ (SOAR) project. The SOAR project will contribute to advancing the protection and safeguarding of places for worship, with a focus on communities of worship within the European Union (EU). SOAR is funded [...]

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Understanding Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes – Addressing the Security Needs of Muslim Communities: A Practical Guide

Intolerance against Muslims in any form — be it violence, discrimination, harassment or online abuse — has a detrimental effect on the lives of Muslim individuals and communities. This Guide by the OSCE is designed to aid governments in their actions on preventing and combating hate crimes including by an analysis of security risks [...]

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Turkish mosque in Denmark defaced with anti-Muslim slurs

Turkish mosque in Denmark near the German border has been defaced with anti-Muslim slurs, an official at the place of worship said Saturday. Hurşit Tokay, the president of the mosque association, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he left Aabenraa Mosque on Friday at 6 p.m. When he arrived at around 11 a.m. Saturday, he noticed [...]

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€23 million of EU funds to enhance the protection of places of worship and other public spaces

The Commission has granted €23 million to member states and religious communities to enhance the protection of places of worship and other public spaces from terrorist threats, as part of the new Counter-Terrorism Agenda for the EU. Ten projects will receive funding under the Internal Security Fund–Police. Nine of them will receive €20m worth of [...]

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