Cricket Outreach in Faith Communities

Cricket is a popular sport across the world, with a rich history and tradition. However, many children from faith communities in key cities may not have access to the sport or the resources to participate in it. In response, the ECB launched the All Stars and Dynamos cricket programs to promote the sport among children aged 5-11 years old. EFI, utilising its relationship with Mosques, Madrassas, and Islamic centres, partnered with the ECB to run these programmes and promote cricket among these communities.

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Our work with the ECB

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The lack of opportunities within faith communities, including South Asian communities, often hampers the uptake of cricket among children. Factors such as limited access to facilities, lack of awareness, and cultural barriers contribute to this low engagement. EFI, in partnership with the ECB, has actively worked to bridge this gap and promote cricket within these communities. The provided data reflects the positive impact of our efforts.

The data demonstrates that EFI has successfully engaged both girls and boys from these faith communities in the Dynamos and All Stars programmes. Despite the challenges, centres such as Masjid Al Falaah, Al-Madina Mosque, and Guidance Hub have seen significant participation, particularly among girls. For instance, KSIMC Birmingham and MKSI Leicester achieved a remarkable participation rate of 25 girls in the Dynamos programme, showcasing the success of EFI’s efforts to create inclusive sporting opportunities.

Furthermore, the involvement of female activators is crucial in ensuring a supportive and inclusive environment for participants. EFI’s emphasis on recruiting female activators has yielded positive results. Centers such as Al- Madina Mosque and Masjid Al Falaah had a notable presence of female activators, fostering a welcoming space for girls and promoting positive role models within the community.

This is a significant achievement considering that in South Asian communities within the UK, women often face various challenges when seeking opportunities to engage with sports. Cultural norms, limited access to resources and lack of opportunities can create barriers to participation, limiting their involvement in sporting activities. Recognising these challenges, EFI has been instrumental in addressing these issues and providing platforms for women to participate in sports, particularly through the Dynamos and All Stars programmes.


EFI’s dedication to addressing the challenges faced by women in South Asian communities has been instrumental in breaking down barriers to sports participation. By providing accessible programmes and opportunities for both girls and boys, EFI has not only encouraged cricket uptake but also empowered women within these communities.

Through the data analysis, it is evident that EFI has played a significant role in increasing the engagement of children, particularly girls, in cricket within faith communities. By addressing the barriers and creating a supportive environment, EFI has helped to dismantle stereotypes and promote inclusivity, enabling children from these communities to embrace the sport and experience its numerous benefits.

Overall, EFI’s efforts, as reflected in the data, demonstrate their commitment to providing equal sporting opportunities and creating a positive impact on the lives of children in faith communities.

Accessible opportunities for both girls and boys