Mosque Security Training will outline the risks your Mosque building and congregation may face, how to protect yourselves against them and how to react to minimise harm if they should occur.

Faith Associates has been providing support and training to Mosques for over 15 years. Due to the unfortunate rise in Mosque attacks internationally and in the UK, we developed the Mosque Security website to be a place focused specifically on the security of the Mosque building.

We have partnered with various Mosques, Council of Mosques, other faith security groups and local councils/gov departments to provide our bespoke security advice and training to the management of these institutions are prepared and aware of the potential security risks.

Our aim is to ensure the mosque building has the right security measures in place to protect the congregation, and the building itself, from harm & ensure people can worship without any fear.

PR by Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP

The government recognised that the Muslim community were anxious following the horrendous terrroist attacks in New Zealand, and particularly in advance of Ramadan 2019.

Following the terrorist attack in Christchurch, the Home Office supporting Faith Associates, who provided bespoke Mosque Security training and advice across the UK – visiting over 40 cities.

Expert Training – 40 UK cities

This service provides a comprehensive on-site inspection to thoroughly examine your premises that host the services your institution provides. Below is a breakdown of the various Mosque Security Training’s we provide:

  • Mosque Health and Safety and Security Assessment Service
  • Mosque Volunteer Training Service
  • Mosque Security Awareness Training
  • Imam and Alimah Security Training