Faith Associates have been working since February 2020 to provide guidance, support and advice to Islamic Institutions across the UK on the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact of faith-based establishments and communities.

During the nationwide lockdown, we partnered up alongside Council of Mosques and regional bodies to provide bespoke Risk Assessment training on the ground in preparation for places of worship to re-open.

Alongside our physical on the ground Risk Assessment training, we have produced 3 updated Versions of our Mosque Risk Assessment Checklist document for Mosques to download and use.

Risk Assessment Template Version 3
Expert Training – 40 UK cities

Faith Associates have produced 3 different versions of the Risk Assessment Checklist for Mosques. The Risk Assessment template was first developed to ensure Mosques could open safely post lockdown. We are now on our 3rd Version of this document and will be extending and adapting it for Madrassahs and out of school settings.

The Risk Assessment training provides a comprehensive on-site inspection and assessment to thoroughly examine your premises that host the services your institution provides. We have provided training to over 200 Mosques across the UK in the lead up to the re-opening of places of worship.