Protective Security Training

EFI’s Protective Security training for places of worship explains the risks faith-based institutions, leaders and congregations may face, how to protect themselves and how to mitigate harm in the event of an attack.

The aim of EFI’s Protective Security training is to ensure that places of worship, faith leaders and communities are protected, and people can visit and worship without any fear.

EFI has developed its training programme after working with faith-based institutions, local councils, security bodies, government departments and the EU Commission. EFI uses this experience to prepare bespoke security advice and deliver training to faith-based institutions.

The EFI Protective Security programme comprises a number of targeted trainings:

  • Protective Security Awareness Training for Places of Worship
  • Faith Leader Personal Protective Training
  • Women and Youth Safety and Security Training

Currently, EFI is the lead coordinator (with European partner organisations) in the EU-funded Strengthening Security and Resilience of At-Risk Religious Sites and Communities (SOAR) programme. Implemented in seven European countries, one of the main activities of SOAR is providing protective security training to faith-based institutions.

Protective Security Awareness Training for Places of Worship

EFI carries out this interactive training to identify potential risks faced by places of worship and their congregations, and to devise tailored solutions to protect them and mitigate risks.

Faith Leader Personal Protective Training

EFI’s personal protective training for faith leaders builds their capacity to identify security risks, protect themselves and their congregations, and respond to attacks.

Women and Youth Safety and Security Training

EFI provides a training focused on women and youth, exploring both online and offline safety, helping to increase knowledge and understanding of potential security threats, and to improve personal and collective security.