Protective Security Awareness Training for Places of Worship

EFI carries out this interactive training to identify potential risks faced by places of worship and their congregations, and to devise tailored solutions to protect them and mitigate risks.

Places of worship/faith-based institutions such as churches, synagogues and mosques are uniquely vulnerable to attacks because of their symbolism (they are visible representatives of their religion) and their open and accessible nature.

The aim of EFI’s protective security training is to ensure that places of worship have the right security measures in place to protect the congregation and the building itself and to ensure that people can worship without fear.

The EFI training identifies factors in a place of worship that can increase its vulnerability to attack, such as:

  • Lack of visible security
  • Front doors remaining unlocked and unmanaged
  • Buildings left empty
  • Large crowds gathering, particularly during religious holidays and holy days
  • Meeting times which are well-publicised and available to all
  • Vulnerable congregations with children and the elderly
  • Some also function as tourist attractions, welcoming a wide variety of visitors.

To ensure the safety of their congregations, religious institutions need to have an integrated security plan with three main elements: prevention, preparation and response.

The EFI training focuses in detail on these three elements specifically in relation to each place of worship. The interactive training provides guidance on how places of worship can protect themselves against risks, and how to react to minimise harm should an attack happen. The training helps them become more resilient.

Depending on the scale and complexity of the facilities and governance infrastructure, the training includes:

  • A general awareness of security needs in the institution
  • A general review of existing facilities, with a description of requirements
  • A detailed understanding of incident prevention, preparation and response.

The training lasts 2 – 4 hours.

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