Horizon Europe – Research and innovation Funding Programme

Horizon Europe is the European Union’s primary funding initiative for research and innovation, boasting a substantial budget of €95.5 billion. Positioned as a crucial tool, it addresses significant global issues such as climate change, aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Beyond its global impact, the program plays a pivotal role in enhancing the EU’s competitiveness and fostering overall growth.

Horizon Europe acts as a catalyst for collaboration, aiming to amplify the influence of research and innovation in shaping, supporting, and executing EU policies. Through its initiatives, the program tackles worldwide challenges while promoting the creation and widespread dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge and technologies. Ultimately, Horizon Europe serves as a strategic instrument to advance the EU’s objectives and address pressing global concerns.

Cross-Sectorial Expertise:

  • Training, Audits and Risk Assessments of Faith Institutions
  • Communication and Dissemination campaigns
  • Policy engagement and development at European, National and Local level Innovative technology developments [Apps]
  • Eco-solutions and insight
  • Community and institutional development
  • Security by Design for public spaces

Our Core Expertise: 

  • Communication campaigns providing increased knowledge and support to faith communities and Places of Worship through religious-specific content and guidance.
  • Innovative approaches to security and capacity building through app development, gamification, AI and augmented reality.
  • Audit and Risk Assessment Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Spaces Development of education programmes for state & supplementary faith schools Research mapping and data-driven insight.
  • Safeguarding – Developing Human and Institutional safeguards for safety and wellbeing for all (Adult and Children)
  • Development of education and inclusivity programmes aimed at women and youth (interfaith).
  • Understanding of Security by Design (SBD/Architectural) and implementing it in the context of Places of Worship