Faith Institution Management Training

EFI provides a bespoke Faith Institution Management training programme applicable to all places of worship in Europe. It covers the essential elements of management and leadership required to run a 21st century faith institution.

The aim of the training is to improve governance and the quality of services offered by faith institutions. It is geared to all faith-based institutions – notably churches, synagogues and mosques – so they fulfil their potential.

Taught by experts from across Europe, and using a mix of presentations and workshops, topics covered in the training include:

  • Structure and management models for faith-based institutions
  • Policies and procedures
  • Management of facilities
  • Finance, safe fund-raising and compliance with charity regulations
  • Staffing, personnel and volunteers
  • Trustees rights and responsibilities
  • Safeguarding
  • Communication
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Supplementary schools
  • Community development and dealing with local and national agencies

Faith Institution Management Resources

The Faith Institution Management Training is one of the main trainings provided by EFI. As such, EFI have produced a number of resources to support the training. These are available for anyone to use.

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Management Committee Members booklet
  • Building Outward Thinking and Proactive Faith Leaders workshop
  • 9 Core Critical Success Indicators
  • Places of Worship Hierarchy and Structure worksheet
  • Recruitment Policy booklet
  • Complaints and Grievances Procedure booklet
  • Institution Volunteer Policy Guidelines
  • Safe Giving infographic
  • Sample policy templates

Faith Institution Management Training Events

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