It is with great pleasure that the European Academy of Religion announces its seventh Annual Conference, which will take place in Palermo, Italy from May 20th to 33rd. Enhancing Faith Institutions (EFI) were present and delivering a presentation seminar in 2021 in Munster, Germany on the protection of public spaces including places of worship. We have the privilege of again being invited to speak at the seventh annual conference this week alongside academics, faith leaders, community experts and political leaders.
This week in Palermo, EFI will be delivering a seminar on ‘Sport and Faith’ with the panel examining the powerful synergy of faith and sport, a transformative concept with the potential for significant positive impact worldwide. Focusing on inclusivity in sports, especially for faith communities across Europe, the discussion highlights partnerships with national and international sporting bodies to extend recreational activities to faith institutions.

The intersection of faith and sport serves as a dynamic force, bridging gaps between diverse communities, cultures, and backgrounds. This initiative aligns with the United Nations #SPORT2030 agenda and the EU’s emphasis on sports development for community cohesion and social inclusion.

The panel delves into multifaceted work in football, cricket, and athletics, showcasing how sports act as a catalyst for lasting change within faith communities.