EFI and SOAR’s Community Development Officer (CDO), Atefeh Sadeghi, attended and presented the SOAR project at the G20 Interfaith Forum 2021, which took place in Bologna, Italy from 12th – 14th September.

Each year the G20 Interfaith Forum (IF20) draws on a global network of inter-religious groups to address all aspects of the G20 agenda, which include foreign policy, education, and religious diversity, to name a few. The priority of the forum at this historic moment is healing: to heal health, social, and economic fractures stemming from the COVID-19 emergencies, and to heal the conflicts and inequities that contribute to these fractures.

EFI’s CDO, Atefeh Sadeghi, was part of the Ministerial Session panel titled ‘Religious Affairs & Peaceful Coexistence’ where she was joined by notable international policy leaders including Pakistan’s Minister of religious affairs, Indonesia’s Minister of religious affairs, Oman’s undersecretary of religious affairs and Bahrain’s Minister of Justice.   

EFI’s CDO was actively engaging with faith networks at the forum and sharing the work of SOAR throughout.