Delivering An Effective Communications Strategy – Promoting Faith Leadership [2014 – Present]

Enhancing Faith Institutions (EFI) delivers an effective communications strategy through the promotion of positive religious voices with the aim of countering negative perceptions.

Since 2014 and 2015, EFI has been facilitating and developing an effective communications strategy that focusses on profiling positive messages from faith leadership in light of national and international crises.

Through research and analysis into the developing nature of modern communication, EFI identified the lack of positive religious voices interacting on traditional and social media platforms. Tied in with domestic and international crises faced by faith groups and in particular young adherents to faith groups, Faith Associates saw the need to train, profile and promote positive religious personalities through modern communication mediums.

Having identified the key target audience, stakeholders and methodology, EFI facilitated the conversation and managed the production process between a variety of key partners. EFI bought together religious voices, production companies and leading media agencies as a way of amplifying these voices to a wider audience and increasing the credibility of faith leadership.

A key aspect of the EFI communications strategy and product delivery was the use of social media platforms. Having identified social media as the leading communication medium of the modern world, our strategy focussed on providing training and instilling the need for religious leadership to be active on social media. Through this interaction, religious leadership would be able to reach a much wider audience than the traditional congregation of a religious institution and provide an alternative, positive message to negative perceptions.

Resulting Products

The result and success of this communications strategy can be seen in the list below, which showcases the products launched:

The EFI communications strategy continues to develop and the interaction and relationship management is both national and international.

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