Faith Institution Management & Safeguarding Toolkits [2010 – Present]

Enhancing Faith Institutions (EFI) has always understood the crucial role faith supplementary schools associated with Places of worship plays in the development and sustainability of the Faith community. Following on from the extensive level of work done improving and developing management & governance of faith-based establishments, it was felt that similar work and support toolkits were required that focused on the management and safeguarding aspect of supplementary schools.

The support documentation and training provided sincere advice and guidance on helping management committees of faith supplementary schools run a successful institution and keeps them updated on the latest government legislation around the education sector.

This comprehensive support provided covered a very wide range of topics that includes policies and procedures, staffing and recruitment structures, student admission policies, effective teaching strategies, curriculum, pedagogy and ensuring the safeguarding of children.

EFI’s work in this arena was designed through extensive research and experience in the field of institutional management and seeks to put in place structures that ensures an environment conducive to the success of young people in faith communities.

Safeguarding Card

Following on from the Management and Safeguarding work by EFI, in our capacity as a pioneer and market leader in supporting Faith institutions with their safeguarding practices produced a pocket information card to help support staff and administrators in their key Safeguarding duties.

Safety Checklist for Staff

A key issue that faith supplementary schools need to be aware of is that of Abuse. The Safeguarding and welfare of children in the key priority of staff members which is why EFI produced and pioneered the ‘Safety Checklist for Teachers & Staff’ as an easy to access reference point outlining the appropriate steps to take for staff that have to deal with suspicions of abuse, concerns of pupils and potential complaints regarding adults.