Bradford mosque first in the UK to use P4 virus control technology

A BRADFORD mosque is one of the first in the UK to install ground-breaking infection control technology to create a coronavirus-proof environment for prayers.

The Al Markaz ul Islami in Lidget Green, which serves as a mosque and a community hub, was approached by P4 Technology after they heard about the different taskforces who were helping during lockdown.

From its food bank to counselling staff at Bradford’s hospitals, the mosque has been at the heart of the community providing support – something that caught the eye of P4’s Katherine Benson.

The company gifted the installation – worth more than £40,000 – out of kindness after seeing how it could protect volunteers, visitors and teachers who were helping those in need.

The system measures the body temperature of every worshipper on arrival with the power to detect up to 20 people in just one second.

If anyone has a high temperature, they are immediately guided into a ‘quarantine room’ where they are checked again by trained volunteers, ordered to write down contact details and sent home if they are potentially ill.

After the first stop, visitors then walk through a sanitising station where they are sprayed with a sanitising solution.