Improving Standards of Faith Institutions


The Beacon Mosque initiative offers Mosque leadership to rate their Mosque against a set criteria to achieve 3*, 4* or 5* rating.  A 5*rated Beacon Mosque truly serves both its congregation and the wider community, through an efficient, inclusive and sustainable provision of services. The optimal utilization of a mosque is only achieved when leadership, management and members begin to understand the scope & purpose of the mosque; how it is not just simply a place for prayer, but a focal point for the entire community to serve, safeguard and support.

Aims of Accreditation: 

Following the review of 1000’s of Mosques all over the globe for the past 20 years, Enhancing Faith Institutions in the establishment of a global bench mark of quality for Mosques, hence the establishment of the global Beacon Mosque Standards.

Rating the Mosque from a 3 (Star) to a 4 (Star) to a 5 (Star) position will help Mosque achieve globally recognized standards, but also help worshipers and management appreciate what can and should be achieved to deliver an exemplary experience when visiting or worshiping in a Beacon Mosque.